All of us at Moon Lake are proud to carry on numerous traditions. We offer a wide variety of activities suitable for all ages and experience levels!

Annual Summer camps

We offer annual summer camps every June for boys and July for girls.

Our camps also offer partnerships with the Coahoma County Orphange to foster understanding and encourage lifelong friendships. We are also proud to support our local Boy Scout troop by offering opportunities for summer work!

A black-and-white photo of boys marching in a line through a field.

Photo from the National Park Services gallery.


Moon Lake remains a popular destination for swimming enthusiasts. Our annual campers enjoy a morning and afternoon dip to cool off during hot summer days, while other visitors love to gather with friends and family for some lakeside fun! Please note that swimming areas will be designated by signs. Please adhere to these zones, as hunting events as well as alligator nests are common.


While we try our best to schedule hunting trips on days that the park will be mostly emptied, please note that much of the land around Moon Lake is privately owned and not under our jurisdiction.

Annual hunting trips will be organized by Mr. Randall MacLain. Please direct your inquiries accordingly. 

"How they Brought the Good News..."

A tradition that takes place during our summer camps as well as many other events of Moon Lake, “How They Brought the Good News From Ghent to Aix” by Robert Browning remains a favorite recitation among those who frequent. Click here to learn more about the significance of this remarkable story.


A favorite tradition among our camp for girls, the basket-weaving activity provides not only practical skills for future homemakers, but allows our campers to explore their own creativity and craftiness! 

*Note to parents: Please encourage your young ones to attend this activity. 

The Reveille

Taught to all the young men during our annual boys’ camp, Reveille is a time-honored tradition also used to mark time at our girls’ camp. 

What better way to wake up then by a rousing trumpet song? 

Mumblety-Peg (Banned!)

While it is odd to include things you can not do on such a page, we feel it necessary to address this dangerous activity in particular. Please do not participate in or encourage others to play this potentially harmful activity. It is also important to note that knives are not permitted in our youth camps, unless otherwise specified.