July 13

Today marks a bittersweet day as the last day of this year’s Girls’ Camp. Our little campers were treated by Camp Mother Lizzie Stark to some watermelon and potato salad (with homemade mayonnaise! Thank you Miss Stark!). 

However, events of yesterday must be addressed. Here follows a message from our beloved Camp Mother: 

“I would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this week a fun and constructive experience for our sweet daughters. I would also like to reassure all of the parents that those responsible for the incident yesterday have been appropriately reprimanded. 

I would also like everyone to please disregard the rumors being spread by Randall MacLain. He did witness the incident, but only partially, leading to an inaccurate account of the true story. Camp Moon Lake will continue to be held next year, and the safety of our little girls are our number one priority. I hope everyone has a great summer, and we look forward to seeing you back next year.” 

– Mrs. Gruenwald

July 12

During today’s afternoon swim, one of our campers fell into the water. Through the quick action of our Camp Life Guard, Loch Morrison, she was quickly rescued. This minor incident should not shape the safe and fun experiences of the other campers. Please rest assured that we will monitor future situations closely. 

– Mrs. Gruenwald

July 11

A beautiful evening with beautiful girls! We ended the night by roasting hot-dogs, listening to a recitation of “How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix,” and singing the songs “Little Sir Echo,” and “Forgive Me.”

In other news, Mr. Ran MacLain would like to share a word of caution, as next week there is a hunting trip planned in the land surrounding Moon Lake. Please use caution in visiting us during that time. 

Thank you all, 

Miss Moody

July 10

Today’s camp agenda was a riveting array of continued basket-weaving, bird identification, blackberry-picking, and a dip in our lovely lake.

All campers are strongly encouraged to attend all camp classes, as wandering can be dangerous unguided. 

– Mrs. Gruenwald

An image of a bird identification guide, featuring small illustrations of common birds
Camper and Scout Loch Morrison studies his bird guide!

July 9

Another fun day of camp! Smiles and wholesome fun are being reported from all over the campsite! Today’s agenda included a nice swim in the lake, the beginning of our basket-weaving lessons, and toasting marshmallows. 

We would also like to officially announce that the game of “mumblety-peg” is now banned among our campers. As a safety precaution, we politely ask parents and guardians not to send their children to camp with knives.

– Mrs. Gruenwald

July 8

We would like to clarify: we do not send our orphan campers into the water first to test for snakes. During designated swim times we all go in one big bunch for safety reasons. Thank you. 

On another note: what a wonderful first full day of camp! We taught our girls how to keep a clean campsite and began the day with a hearty chorus of “Good Morning, Mr. Dip Dip Dip!” as is our tradition. 

– Mrs. Gruenwald

July 7

Today is the first day of camp! This year’s campers were dropped off by their parents or Mr. Nesbitt’s Bible Class. We thank everyone for participating in this year’s camp and look forward to the week ahead! We realize we have some weak swimmers in this year’s group, but don’t worry — we’ll watch over your daughters with care!

– Mrs. Gruenwald

A vintage photograph of two camp counselors and four young campers sitting in front of their cabin.

Photo from the National Park Services gallery.